Australian Women Writers Challenge

I have decided to take the plunge this year and sign up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge. It’s a fabulous initiative which began in 2012 when Elizabeth Lhuede found it impossible to find books by women writers at her local library. Lhuede created the challenge and it has grown ever since. Last year, I stood at the sidelines and admired the great idea, the fabulous reviewers and the fact that books from all genres were reviewed by their readers. Now it is time for me to participate. Anyone can do it. You just have to fill in a form on their website.

All I have signed up for is reading four books by Australian women writers and reviewing three of them. In a year, really, that shouldn’t be too difficult. I haven’t got a clear plan for what I want to read, but I have already read Charlotte Wood’s Animal People. A few of my friends, including Heather Taylor Johnson (Pursuing Love and Death) and Hannah Kent (Burial Rites) will have books published later in the year and I am really looking forward to reading them. So now I better be off to read 🙂 I’ll be back when I have a review for you.