Extract from Behated

Birthday Celebration.

Today she turns fifteeen. Nothing’s special about this stupid day. All it means is another day of boredom. The bitch had made an effort though, baked a cake and all. She an Lu sang when B stepped into the kitchen to have brekkie. She’d smirked to make sure they knew how ridiculous it all was. But she did have some and it had been better than expected. Really yummy actually but she made sure the bitch didn’t get smug about it by throwing the rest in the bin after she’d finished her piece.
Lu started bawling but the bitch just looked at her with puppy dog sad eyes as if to say, I feel sorry for you, you’ll never have a life, you’ll never be normal and behave like other children. So fucking what? Who wants to be normal anyway?

After the cake fiasco she’d stayed in her room for a couple of hours, listening to Powderfinger really loud to block Lu and everything else out.